Derby City Children's Centres deliver a wide range of inclusive and targeted groups and activities for families with children up to 8 Years.

The ten Children’s Centres across the city are grouped into 3 Localities, each of them offering a warm and welcoming environment where you can access help and support if needed. Children’s Centres are also a place where you can have fun, play, learn and grow together with your children..

The centres offer a wide range of services including:

• Outreach support – by referral Only
• Parenting programmes
• Child health clinics
• SEND support
• Speech and language screenings
• Stay and play sessions

Covid-19 guidance

In the first instance, we would recommend that you contact activity providers and face-to-face services, to see if they are currently operating and that you are aware of any extra measures you will need to abide by if attending classes/sessions.